27/10/2023 bis 29/10/2023

Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation in Brussels

“Readiness for Relating”
Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation
with Nina Wehnert in Brussels

In this workshop we explore certain milestones of our movement development. We explore our inherent alphabet of movement – the Primitive Reflexes, Equilibrium Responses and Righting Reactions. They hold the full potential of how we move and relate. Like a movement vocabulary they guide us in growth and interaction with the world. We bond, yield, push, reach, pull, grasp, hold on, let go, roll, locomote. Conscious and unsconcious movements shape the patterning of our relation within and outside of us. A dynamic process.

We will tune into the volume of our bodies again and again – the condensing and expanding movements of our cells. We will open our senses to the inner dance, we listen and give in into our expression through space. With anatomical images, touch, movement exploration alone and with a partner, we support the inner orientation and follow the journey through our body into Contact Improvisation dances.

Les jardins des Emergences
Rue des Cultivateurs 54, 1040 Etterbeek
(Metro line 5 – stop Tieffry or Bus 34 dir Porte de Namur – stop La Chasse)

Friday 18h-21h
Saturday 9h30-18h
Sunday 9h30-15h30

Registration: maffi.alice@gmail.com