20/06/2022 bis 26/06/2022

Contact Improvisation Festival Portugal

More informations: https://forgotten-land.com/portugal-festivals/contact-improv-meeting-portugal/



Gently, we’ll dive in again to CI and somatic work with intensive workshops, classes and labs. We’ll offer space and guidance for bodywork, live music and some sharing circles to talk about this unique moment in our life, as humans and dancers.

Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering®, Movement Research, Bodywork and live Music.

With Itay Yatuv (ISR), Nina Wehnert (GER) , Dorte Bjerre Jensen (DK), Howard Sonenklar (PT), Samuel del Bello(PT) and more

The past years has forced a radical change in the way we have moved in the world, the way we got close to each other, touched, listened, breathed and danced. The freedom of being outside in nature, with nature, part of nature- has been restricted as well..