20/01/2023 bis 22/01/2023

The nervous system -Freiburg BMC® Workshop

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The Nervous System
Body-Mind Centering® Workshop with Nina Wehnert in Freiburg

How do we orient ourselves in the constancy of change and impermanence? How do we filter, change, distort, accept, reject and use sensory information to connect, differentiate and learn?

Experiencing occurs first on a the cellular level. The nervous system registers, regulates, classifies, and forms patterns that can be retrieved. Through autonomic processes, the nervous system also creates the basis for our alertness, thinking, and conscious acting and reacting. It forms the perceptual base from which we view and interact with our inner and outer worlds.

Through movement, touch, anatomical information, this workshop will be a journey through our bodies from an experiential perspective. In dance alone and in contact with a partner we experience the inner orientation, the organization of modulation of presence, movement, activity and stillness. We experience the ground of our senses and perception. Contact improvisation flows into the workshop and offers moments of integration.

Place: TIP Schule für Tanz, Improvisation & Performance

Costs:170€-200€, nach Selbsteinschätzung

Early Bird: 150€, bei Überweisung bis zum 15.12.22

Info & Registration: nadja.schwarzenbach@posteo.de // 017656700931