17/07/2024 bis 21/07/2024

Weaving Grounds Toscana



In this workshop we will explore early developmental movement patterns: from one-celled organisms to walking beings. We will experience certain milestones of the developmental movement process aswell as early reflexes, righting reactions and equilibrium responses. A vocabulary of movement that allows growth and interaction with the world. Rolling, crawling, weight bearing, pushing, pulling, reaching, letting go, falling, bonding, relating to earth and space. Embryological development will be layered in.

This workshop is part of the BMC® Research Program Italy that consists of 4 modules, it can be booked separately.

We will be hosted in a beautiful dance studio in the countryside of Toscana, close to Arezzo. We will have an outdoor dance floor with the view over the hills of Toscana and for bad weather an indoor dance floor.  The meals will be cooked  with delicious vegetarian italian food, there’s a natural swimming pool to cool off and plenty of space to hang out and rest. Participants can stay in shared rooms or in their own tents/campervans.

Wednesday 17th | 16h-19h
Thursday 18th | 10h-13h and 15h-17.30h
Friday 19th | 10h-13h and 15h-17.30h
Saturday 20th | 10h-13h and 15h-17:30h
Sunday 21st | 10h-13:30h

We will do a completive dance practice in some mornings and optional CI Jam in one of the evenings.

Price: 550€, including Workshop, Food, Accommodation

Location: Anghiari, Arezzo

More information and registration please contact Consuelo in english, spanish or italian: movingpresence.bmc@gmail.com