10/02/2023 bis 12/02/2023

Readiness for Relating – Milano

Readiness for relating – Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation

In our human development we pass through certain stages of movement, articulation and presence. We begin in fluid environment, later earth, space and our social environment are our partners. We bond, yield, push, reach, pull, grasp, hold on, let go. Conscious and unsconcious movement shape the patterning of our relation with ourselves and the world. It is a dynamic process. How do we orient? How do we filter, accept, defend and learn?

In this workshop we will explore certain milestones of our movement development. We will explore our inherent alphabet of movement, – the reflexes  – a beginning vocabulary of movement that allows growth and interaction in this world. The readiness for relating, weight bearing, rolling, locomotion, equilibrium. Exploring and moving through theses stages can offer ease, lightness, stability and freedom in our dances.

Movement exploration alone and with a partner, specific anatomical details and touch, will bring us into movement and will guide us into contact improvisation dances. Informations of bones, fluids, organs, nervous system will be woven into the exploration.

For me exploring our own body and evolutionary history is magic. Revisiting the history of development brings me back into the presence of my existence. Opening space for improvisation – aligning my inner movement to the expression of movement through space.

More Information and Registration: https://www.corpoetica.it/event-details/nina-wehnert-prontezza-nel-relazionarsi