Through anatomical information and images, through movement, touch and sensing we become familiar with the different structures of the body, cultivating a deep and subtle somatic awareness. With this awareness, we tune into the qualities of the different body systems: bones, organs, nerves, glands, fluids, muscles, senses and voice.
Using early developmental movement patterns, we explore the stages of human development, from single-celled organisms to walking beings, how they intertwine and shape and support our movement today.
Through subtle awareness of the body’s structures, through touch of the tissues and comprehension of anatomical principles, we cultivate alertness and presence in the body and find movement that feels delicious!
One-on-One sessions are opportunities to address individual questions and personal themes. Touch can reach different tissue layers, enhance the range and quality of movement and improve the wellbeing. Appointments by individual arrangement.



16/10/2020 - 18/10/2020
Contemplating, Sensing and Dancing
Aarhus, DK

Contemplating, Sensing & Dancing
A Weekend Intensive in practices of
Body Mind Centering® and Contact Improvisation

with Nina Wehnert & Jori Snell

Aarhus, 16-18th October 2020

During this weekend we will touch base with our relationship to earth and space in and around us. We will see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Perception is a dynamic process. How do we filter, modify, distort, accept, reject and use sensory information to bond, defend and learn. How do we orientate in the constancy of change and impermanence?
We will contemplate, and play with our shifting attention. Letting our attention deepen into both a micro-inner-landscape and a wider field in which we are invited to take in the entire room, each other, and be informed by the bigger landscape and instantaneous design of an improvisation.
Alone, with a partner and in group-situations we will awaken stillness, movement and listening, and strengthen our inner orientation within our dancing, which will support CI dances.

This workshop is open for adults of all ages with curious bodies and open minds. Previous experience in CI or BMC® is not required.