Through anatomical information and images, through movement, touch and sensing we become familiar with the different structures of the body, cultivating a deep and subtle somatic awareness. With this awareness, we tune into the qualities of the different body systems: bones, organs, nerves, glands, fluids, muscles, senses and voice.
Using early developmental movement patterns, we explore the stages of human development, from single-celled organisms to walking beings, how they intertwine and shape and support our movement today.
Through subtle awareness of the body’s structures, through touch of the tissues and comprehension of anatomical principles, we cultivate alertness and presence in the body and find movement that feels delicious!
One-on-One sessions are opportunities to address individual questions and personal themes. Touch can reach different tissue layers, enhance the range and quality of movement and improve the wellbeing. Appointments by individual arrangement.



09/04/2018 - 20/04/2018
BMC Challenge
Yellow Yoga Berlin

Fluidity, Depth and Play

In the Body-Mind Centering® Challenge we move, breathe, rest, explore, dance. We explore the structures of the body and their possibilities for movement. Through anatomical ideas, movement, perception and touch we place our awareness on different body system.

Week 1
We will explore embryological development. We will meet pathways that different body tissues like bones, fascia, connective tissues and organs took, how they found their places to grow and develop into a functional multilayered full-body being! Understanding from where they come from and what they are now.

It is a story of creating space and matter, of differentiation and integration. A journey of migrating, folding, unfolding, spiraling, touch and meeting – aspects that are still inherent in our bodies and in our lives!  Underneath lies the ongoing movement of condensing and expanding of cells breathing.

Week 2
We will explore the journey of developmental movements – how did we grow from a one-celled animal to a walking human. Different developmental movement patterns give support and ease to our movement and being today. A continuous interrelationship of core and periphery. Support from a soft, fluid spine and a trust into gravity and space is allowing movement to become full and present. With finest awareness we evoke presence, three-dimensional full-body pleasure for joyous movement!


Mo-Fr 8.30h-10h // Thursday 8.30h-9.30h// Yellow Yoga Studio Sonne// Sonnenallee 67//10245 Berlin

Teaching language: english



26/01/2018 - 03/06/2018
BMC Training
SAB Berlin

Body–Mind Centering® Training

62,5h / 5 WE // January 2018 – June 2018 // Somatische Akademie

In this five-weekend training program, we will explore and gain deeper insight into the principles and approaches of Body-Mind Centering®. Through anatomy, movement and touch as well as partner and group exercises we will become familiar with the different structures of the body, cultivating a deep and subtle somatic awareness.

Furthermore, we will: Attend to the different body systems such as bones, fascia, connective tissue, organs, fluids or the nervous system and explore their dynamics and qualities. Learn how developmental movement patterns influence the way we move and make contact with our environment. Re-experience our embryological origins. Explore the stages of human development, from single-celled organisms to walking beings, how they intertwine and shape our movement and actions today.

My wish for this training is to spark your joy of movement and interest in exploring your body. You will be provided with profound knowledge, engage in in-depth experience and become aware of the interconnectedness of inner and outer processes: awareness on a subtle, cellular level and its expression through movement. This will create space to expand your movement potential and get to know the ways in which you express and differentiate, in other words: to inhabit your body in a new way.

Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement will serve as integration practices. Each weekend will cover a specific theme; the training modules build on each other.

The training is geared toward everyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of BMC® and to engage with the world of body, movement and dance. Prerequisites are the desire and willingness to experiment with free movement and touch as well as a responsible approach to working with one’s own body.

WE 1: 26. – 28. Januar 2018 // Structural Integrity
Bones provide a supporting structure and clear inner alignment. Together with fascia, ligaments and muscles they constitute the three-dimensional tension network whose elastic, spiraling forces promote structural integrity.

WE 2: 16. – 18. Februar 2018 // Fullness, Three-dimensionality and Breath
With their fullness, volume and three-dimensionality organs give support, they are vivid and nurturing. Our many diaphragms create space and connectivity, the breath animates and nourishes us in turn.

WE 3: 23. – 25. März 2018 // Developmental Movement Patterns
We will explore movement stages from single-celled organisms to walking beings. Crawling, rolling, pushing, yielding, pulling, reaching, releasing and expanding from the center outwards – all of these actions originate in early movement development. They influence how we experience ourselves in and communicate with our environment.

WE 4: 27. – 29. April 2018 // Flow and Regulation
Fluids and the nervous system are vast communication networks in the body. Fluids connect, nourish and move us in various ways. They support the lightness, freedom, dynamics and stillness of our movements. They have a rhythm and a pulse. The nervous system registers and regulates, it provides new impulses. It organizes the body’s functions and balances movement, awareness, stillness and action.

WE 5: 01. – 03. Juni 2018 // Embryology, Integration
In a fluid environment, the body’s structures and tissues form within the first few weeks of our lives. Through folding and unfolding, spiraling and cell migration we develop everything needed for a healthy life. This weekend will offer time to integrate the material learnt in the training.

Fridays: 6pm-8:30pm
Saturdays: 11am-5:30pm
Sundays: 10am-4pm

750 € – 950 € (based on your own assessment and ability to pay)

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Contact Improvisation

From a shared point of contact, we move into improvisation. Through playing with gravity and other physical forces, rolling, falling, leaning, supporting, jumping, giving and receiving weight, following and leading emerge. The dynamics of movement and touch as well as an alert and present mind facilitate spontaneous communication between bodies. Subtle nuances set the tone for the movement.
Influenced by wonderful teachers such as Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, Christine Mauch and Jörg Hassmann, I teach the basic principles of Contact Improvisation. I am continually amazed by the richness this dance form offers.



30/07/2018 - 05/08/2018
Contact meets Contemporary Festival

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I teach an approach to yoga that seeks out forms through mindfulness and anatomical precision while remaining adaptable to the individual body. With this inner clarity established, we move dynamically from pose to pose. The breath serves as an anchor, helping us to dwell in the present moment and return to it whenever the attention wanders. I enjoy breaking down the shapes (asanas) and philosophical aspects of yoga, exploring and perceiving them from a new angle in order to comprehend and deepen their principles and effects.