Professional education

You can study BMC® through Licensed Certification Training Programs around the world. They offer the Somatic Movement Educator Program, which is followed by the Practitioner Program and takes usually several years. It is possible to take the courses individually and your own preferred order. The programs are licensed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and the School of Body-Mind Centering® and follow a very specific curriculum.

A list of all the training programs are here:

As a certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® I am teaching in these programs. Since 2019 I am part of the core staff of Moveus, the german licensed Training Program, you can find our program here:

Below are the dates of the next modules in which I am teaching. I am teaching in all courses of the SME Program and in some of the Practitioner Program of moveus. Please check their website.

  • 17-27.2.24

    Muscular System // Somatic Movement Educator Program // Vussem - Eifel
  • 29.2.-2.3.24

    Competency, Professional Issues 1 // Somatic Movement Educator Program // Vussem - Eifel
  • 4.8.-10.8.24


    Leben Italy