Private sessions

Space for individual questions and concerns

In private sessions I am offering a space for individual questions and concerns. Depending on the individual process we will talk, touch and/or move. Through touch different layers of tissues can be addressed and experienced. It is a possibility to bring aliveness and awareness to certain areas that might feel less alive.

Through hands-on I am following inner movements and relationships on a deeper cellular level. Questions will rise: Is there inner communication, is there inner balance and free flow in the different layers of tissues?

Through developmental movement patterns we can experience a wide range of movement potential in us. We can address patterns and mindsets that are more in the shadow and bring them to their full potential and follow their expression.

In a private sessions I will work with the timing, rhythm and readiness of your body and being, following the questions and concerns you are coming with. My aim is to offer support for better movement quality, awareness and understanding of your own body and life!

A session is usually 1h-1,5h long.

Contact me for further details: ninawehnert (at)