Advanced Training Programs

Body-Mind Centering® Programs in Berlin, Italy

These training programs are offering a field of exploration and deeper insight into the principles and approaches of Body-Mind Centering®. Through anatomy, movement and touch as well as partner and group exercises you will become familiar with the different structures of the body, cultivating a deep and subtle somatic awareness.

In the different modules the attention goes to different body systems such as bones, fascia, organs, fluids, the nervous system, endocrine glands, ligaments and the exploration of their dynamics and qualities. Learn how developmental movement patterns influence the way we move and make contact with our environment. Re-experience your embryological origins. Explore the stages of human development, from single-celled organisms to walking beings, how they intertwine and shape our movement and actions today.

My wish is to spark your joy of movement and interest in exploring your body. You will be provided with profound knowledge, engage in in-depth experience and become aware of the interconnectedness of inner and outer processes: awareness on a subtle, cellular level and its expression through movement. This will create space to expand your movement potential and get to know the ways in which you express and differentiate, in other words: to inhabit your body in a new way.

Dance Improvisation and Authentic Movement will serve as integration practices. Each weekend will cover a specific theme; the training modules build on each other.

The training is geared toward everyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of BMC® and to engage with the world of body, movement and dance. Prerequisites are the desire and willingness to experiment with free movement and touch as well as a responsible approach to working with one’s own body.



The Berlin Training Program is located at Somatische Akademie Berlin.

Teaching languages are german and english

Module 1-3:
Friday: 18h-20.30h
Saturday: 10h-13h 15h-17.30h
Sunday: 9.30h-12.30h 13.30h-15.30h
Module 4:
Monday-Thursday 10h-13h 15h-17.30h
Friday: 9.30h-12.30h 13.30h-15.30h

1400 €
1200 € reduced

Registration and Infos:
Somatische Akademie

  • 19.-21.01.2024

    Senses & Perception

    Our senses begin as potential and develop in response to stimulation and experience. We will explore the senses of touch and movement, vision, hearing, taste and smell. It is through our senses that we receive information from our internal environment (ourselves) and the external environment (others and the world). We filter, modify, distort, accept, reject, and use that information as part of the act of perceiving.


    Organs provide with their fullness and three-dimensionality support for movement and presence. They are vivid, keep us alive and decide what we need or not. Our many diaphragms create space and connectivity, the breath animates and nourishes us in turn.

  • 09.-11.02.2024

    Ligaments & Fascia

    Fascia provides the tensegrity matrix of the whole body. It wraps around all other structures as one continuous spiraling, multilayered, and multidimensional network of expansive sheaths, enclosed containers and specialized attachments. These specialized attachments are the ligaments.They set boundaries of movement between the bones. They coordinate and guide by directing the path of movement and provide specificity, clarity, and efficiency for the alignment and movement of the bones.

  • 08.-10.03.2024

    Endocrine Glands

    The endocrine glands are the major chemical governing system of the body and are closely aligned with the nervous system. Their secretions pass directly into the blood stream and their balance or imbalance influences all of the cells in the body. They create crystalline psychophysical states through which we are able to experience and understand the universal aspect of self.

  • 08. - 12.04.2024

    Primitive Reflexes & Ontogenetic

    In our human development we pass through certain stages of movement, articulation and presence. We begin in fluid environment, later earth, space and our social environment are our partners. We bond, yield, push, reach, pull, grasp, hold on, let go. Conscious and unsconcious movement shape the patterning of our relation with ourselves and the world. It is a dynamic process. How do we orient? How do we filter, accept, defend and learn?

    We will explore certain milestones of our movement development. We will explore our inherent alphabet of movement, – the reflexes  – a beginning vocabulary of movement that allows growth and interaction in this world. The readiness for relating, weight bearing, rolling, locomotion, equilibrium. Exploring and moving through theses stages can offer ease, lightness, stability and freedom in our dances.

Toscana/Umbria/Udine, Italy

“Moving presence in Italy”

Body-Mind Centering® Research Program in Toscana/Umbria/Udine 2024

Organized by Spazio Seme, Arezzo

-more Infos on Venues, Price and Registration soon-

Teaching languages are english with translation into italian if needed

  • 27.4.-1.5.2024

    Organs: Fullness, Vitality, Relation

    Exploring the fullness, aliveness, elasticity and resilience of organs. We settle into their threedimensionality and explore their places, weight and lightness as support for movement.
    Organs are in relationship with each other and move within their “container”- the embracing bones, muscles and connective tissue. We tap into their embryological pathways and their support for the arms and legs.

    Place: Spazio Seme, Arezzo

  • 17.-21.7.2024

    Weaving grounds: Developmental Movement Patterns

    In this module we will explore early developmental movement patterns: from one-celled organisms to walking beings. We will experience certain milestones of the developmental movement process aswell as early reflexes, righting reactions and equilibrium responses. A vocabulary of movement that allows growth and interaction with the world. Rolling, crawling, weight bearing, pushing, pulling, reaching, letting go, falling, bonding, relating to earth and space. Embryological development will be layered in.

    Place: Countryside, Umbria

  • 17.-20.10.2024

    Fluids: Rhythm and Flow

    The pleasure of being alive – in stillness and activity. Each fluid has its own property, weight and rhythm. They move us in various ways, are sensitve and support presence, freedom, lightness, and ease. Fluids dwell in spaces, transform while passing through membranes and are in inseparable relation to each other and the creative forces of life.

    Place: Spazio Seme, Arezzo

  • 28.11.-1.12.2024

    Modulating Rest and Activity - The Nervous System

    Experience first takes place at the cellular level.  The nervous system registers, regulates, classifies and forms patterns that can be retrieved. Through autonomic processes, the nervous system also creates the basis for our alertness, thinking and conscious acting and reacting. It balances movement, awareness, rest and action and forms the perceptual basis from which we view and interact with our inner and outer worlds.

    We will use part of this module to integrate and revisit material from previous weekends.

    Place: Gaia Terra, Udine