5 Klassen – Elastizität und Unterstützung

Elastizität, Nachgiebigkeit, Feinabstimmung und Fluss. Erforschen von Gewebeschichten und -strukturen und Flüssigkeiten unseres Körpers. Wie sie sich gegenseitig sowie uns in unserer Bewegung unterstützen. Mit unseren Bändern (Ligamente), Bindegewebe, Muskeln, Knochen und Flüssigkeiten erleben wir das innere Potenzial für Richtung, Klarheit, Fluss und Leichtigkeit in Bewegung und unserem Sein.

Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch mit teilweiser deutscher Übersetzung

Class No. 1: Elasticity and spiral in the legs.
Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Ligaments of lower leg (interosseous membrane) in relation to the Gonad (ovaries/testes).
This class was recorded on Monday 1.3.21
Duration: 1h 15min

Class No. 2: Ligaments of spine
Exploration of the ligaments of the spine, as well as the endocrine support for the spine with the coccygeal body in front of the tail bone and the pituitary gland in the head.
This class was recorded on Tuesday 2.3.21
Duration: 1h 20min

Class No. 3: Embryology of the spine
Exploration of the embryology of the spine and embryology of thevertebral discs. Notochord and posterior longitudinal ligament. As a glandular support and point of reference for the notochord: perineal body and pituitary gland.
This class was recorded on Wednesday 3.3.21
Duration: 1h 11min

Class No. 4: Spiral of bones in upper limbs
Exploring the embryological spiral of bones of upper limbs, the ligaments of elbow and adding the support of thymus gland.
This class was recorded on Thursday 4.3.21
Duration: 1h 12min

Class No. 5: Muscles, ligaments, bones
The relationship of bones, ligaments, muscles. Set up of muscle and the sliding short and long inside a muscle fiber: actin and myosin movement.
This class was recorded on Friday 5.3.21
Duration: 1h 9min

5h 56min
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