Class No.2 of Series “Reflexes” – Head Righting Reactions

In this class we are exploring Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex as a whole body reflex, in which all cells of the body together with the inner ear are registering our relationship to earth/space and changing tone accordingly. Flexor and Extensor tone are being balanced. Lying in prone, supine and sidelying is changing tone on the different sides of the body. This reflex is underlying other Head Righting Reaction which are lifting the head away from the floor and bring the head into vertical orientation in space: Labyrinthine Head Righting Reaction, Optical Righting Reaction and Body Reacting on the Head (BOH). Landau is the last one we will explore, where we the horizontal relation to the floor brings us into verticality.

This class was recorded on 16.03.23

1h 4min
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